About Our Trailers


We stock and supply universal-fit, heavy-duty, saltwater style boat trailers to get you on the road right away! We can usually deliver your boat trailer in just one day!  See our Service Options for details on the many convenient services we offer to get you on the road.  Contact our San Diego office to get started.

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Our premium quality, heavy-duty, saltwater boat trailers are fully adjustable and designed specifically for the west coast, saltwater, trailer boater. Their unique, fully adjustable design provides a universal fit for a wide range of deep-V, semi-V and other mono-hull powerboats ranging from 24’ to 36’ over-all length.  With weight ratings from 10,000 to 18,000 lbs., they will carry boats weighing over 15,000 lbs.  Their adjustable design allows you flexibility in the event you ever decide to change your boat, or to sell the trailer.   We have three standard model sizes in stock for immediate delivery.  Addition sizes available by special order.  Submit a Boat Measurement Form to identify the right trailer for your boat.


Unlike the average, our trailers are built from the highest quality materials to ensure durability in saltwater, and safety over the road. Our trailers are ideally suited for saltwater use as they offer extreme rust and corrosion resistance. Plus, they are much lighter than their steel counterparts reducing the overall load on your tow vehicle. In terms of appearance, our trailers are very appealing from the date of purchase and for years to come when properly maintained.


Safety and durability are the principals of our design.  We build some of the strongest boat trailers available.  Compared the standard features and quality components of our heavy-duty boat trailer to the rest:

  • Galvanized steel torsion axles vs. spring leaf – for quiet, long lasting support
  • Flushable disc brakes on all axles vs. drum – for easy rinse-off
  • Radial tires vs. bias ply – for durability and safety
  • Heavy-duty structural aluminum I-beam frame vs. steel – for weight savingsand rust proof
  • Heavy-duty galvanized steel and aluminum cross members – for weight savings
  • Fully adjustable bunks and components – to allow use with different boats in the future
  • Pressure treated main and bow bunks – for longevity
  • Heavy-duty, through-bolted bunk brackets – for extra support and strength
  • Commercial grade carpet on bunks– for longevity
  • Aluminum diamond plate “stand on” fenders – for easy boarding of your boat
  • Launch ramp loading guide poles – for precision loading at the launch ramp
  • Hot-Dipped galvanized steel hardware & U-bolts– for longevity
  • Hot-Dipped galvanized wheels – for longevity
  • Heavy-duty drop-leg adjustable tongue jack – for easy connection to tow vehicle
  • Heavy-duty, two speedwinch with 10,000 lbs. strap – for lasting strength and durability
  • Heavy-duty, adjustable winch stand– to allow use with different boats in the future
  • Safety chains (2) at coupler – for added safety
  • Surge brake actuator with emergency brake lanyard– for added safety
  • LED sealed submersible lighting – for longevity and low amp draw
  • Safety light reflectors – for added safety
  • 2 5/16″ ball size – for added safety and durability


Western Boat Trailer is a new boat trailer dealer located in San Diego. We serve the entire west coast including the Newport Beach, Dana Point, Long Beach, Huntington Beach, Los Angeles, Oxnard, Santa Barbara, San Francisco areas. Including the states of Arizona, Nevada, Oregon, Washington, Colorado, and Hawaii. Export to Canada, and Mexico is also possible.  Contact us to inquire about delivery options to your area.


Terms and Conditions of all Boat Trailer Sale:  Stock trailer location: San Diego, CA 92106.  Out-of-state delivery options available.  10% deposit with order, balance due prior to delivery or registration. Trailer compatibility with boat will be based on information provided by Buyer. Seller discloses, and Buyer acknowledges that boat trailers may need adjustment or modification prior to use and as part of routine maintenance, and to meet all road transport laws, and to assure safe use. Warranty service provided through original component manufacturer.  We do not sell used trailers due to their unreliable nature and liability.  We do not sell catamaran, pontoon or sailboat trailers.